Eve Online: My Way and the Highway

The following will only touch jump drive travel for the non-logistics pilot. Other changes in the devblog will not be discussed in lengths (or at all) as I agree with most of them.

How long has it been? Too long I guess. Over the past year I’ve lowered my LoL playtime a bit, played a few single player games and eventually decided to lose at Eve Online (for the people unfamiliar with Eve, that means resubscribing to the game).

I’ve joined back where I started, in ARSED, which was at the time the nullsec corporation of the ArsClan/Technica community. Unfortunately, the community had moved to different parts of the Eve universe or stopped playing, and as a result, ARSED could no longer be sustained as a nullsec corporation within Razor Alliance. The players that wanted to remain in the same nullsec alliance had the chance to join the Repercussus corporation. I am very happy to have taken the leap of faith to be part of this new community of players. My return to Eve was very arduous as a lot had changed over the years and a lot of my game knowledge no longer applied. The people in Repercussus were very kind to ease me into the new game mechanics and I think I got myself back to where I left off and probably a bit more.

Before I stopped playing many years ago, I had started a carrier alt which never completed its training, until now. As I get closer to the skill requirements to be a boot and triage carrier pilot, CCP released a devblog that will change everything related to jump mechanics, which is used extensively by carrier class ships.  Continue reading

League of Legends – Winning against All Mid

Today in League of Legends, I played against a team that was all bruisers. I figured they were either all top or feed, or they were pre-made (normal game) and were doing shenanigans. Shenanigans it was as they were all mid. Unfortunately for me, my team did not know how to handle an all mid bruiser team. Hopefully some people will read and understand how to win against such a team. Continue reading

Lobby and Champion Select

Some of you might be aware of this thread on the League of Legends forum. Riot employee Lyte is asking the community to discuss about ways to fix the Lobby and Champion Select. I noticed the thread way too late and instead of hoping someone will notice my post, I would post my ideas here.

I would like to start by saying that what I will share is to be applied for ranked solo/duo queue only. Ranked teams won’t need this system for obvious reasons and normal queue (blind/draft) shouldn’t be forced under the current meta and should be the land to experiment with if the team agrees (or if you have  a premade of  4-5 players). Continue reading

[Review] NHL Gamecenter Live

With our national sport back after a lockout that lasted way too long (113 days too long), it was time for me to figure out how to view this season’s games. I had cancelled my TV bundle back in December and I had to check if there was a way to watch my team’s games reliably. After checking the pricing to hook up the TV again against the online options, I went with the online option since it was much cheaper. Thus begins my journey watching hockey on NHL Gamecenter Live. Continue reading

1 year later…

Wow! Over a year without touching this! I should get some kind of award… of laziness.

Anyway, I plan on using this to document my LoL game and improvement as well as random music I found interesting. And to start things I will introduce LoL and what I do with it as well as a little top 8 of songs/albums I’ve discovered in 2012. Why 8? Because I have bad memory and I can only recall 8 of them. Continue reading

Help stop SOPA/PIPA from ruining the Internet as we know it

I can’t believe I didn’t post anything about this sooner but here it is.

The Internet has been flooding with posts, articles and blogs about SOPA/PIPA over the past few months. I do think the medias are finally catching on to this (finally) and people are starting to get informed. SOPA/PIPA, the bills that could destroy the internet as we know it today needs to be stopped.

But what is SOPA/PIPA? Continue reading

Proleague is upon us – My Fantasy Proleague draft

With the new Broodwar Proleague around comes a new season of Fantasy Proleague (FPL). This year I took some time to properly build my team unlike last year where I knew almost nothing. With the format change, the teams and players moving around, it was somewhat harder to pic my team, but I still manage to pick up a decent team… I think.

Note: This article was written before I was able to see this weekend’s Proleague games. Continue reading